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thousand customeessin baltimore city rrmain without ppwer onnght.the cityyhas opennd emergency shelters with air conddtioning and beds paul gessser is live at a shelter in nnrthwest baltiiore, which is still waitiig on its first gueet. only a few people pave walked through these ddors at the baltimore junior academy on west coldspring lane.those people have come in to take a load off, grab a free drink of water.nobody stayed here lastnight-- the first niggt his shelttr was was pen i just got bbck from theeother emergency shelter in the 1400 block of east federal street. those cots haven't even been set up yet.they're still in the boxes-- because, no one came in there oo shelter either.all the while, people here in the neighborhood feel
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the city was not prepared for this kind of storm. 3 3&"they need to have people set up so they can puutthem in all the different aaeaa nd help out everyyody. help everybbdy out. we've been out evee sincc " frrday.""it's been a slow day and that may be a littleegoodd because i think family members are all really pitching in now good bbcause i think mmybe tle family members are all reaall pitchinn in now to help each any power in your home. some - &pfamily members are really over anddstay here. we ave power'." update on hours of emergency sheltersupdate on baltimore pounty libraries closing early due to lack ffdemand &of demaadearly due to lack librariee closing baltimore county update on sseltersoo emergency update oo hours update on houus of emergeecy shellersupdate on baltimore county libraries closing early due tt lack of demand &pb-g-e and private contractors ttying to get the ower restored.anddhere's a look t
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where things stand.aa ourrlast check.... there are still more than 41- thousand customers in more than 54- thousand in baltimore county... and more than 26- thousand in anne restored power to more than &p536- thousand of its custtmer since friday night. how bad are power prrblems in thhs stop lighttat the corner of wabash and rogers avenue in northwest baltimore is running mosttstop lightt are runnnng normally. bbg-e spokesman, rob gould. - 3 p3 3
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checking on the elderly becomes even more important &pduring powwr outages ann hot .
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weather.the bbltimore city health department was making today. and mayor stephaniee 3awling blaae was helping ut..- 3 3 health offfcials says the elderly are more aa risk hen ninnties. baltimore city olice say hiss and a no toleranceepolicy for the fourtt.last year's celebration at the inner harbor ended with a touriit being fatally stabbed...ann pour year old shot. shot.janice park is live downtown baltimore tonight, to doiig this year. janice? jennifer,pplice say they have a no tolerance pplicy thissyear...where they will be
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arrrssing trouble makers. and in order to connrollthe least 200 thousand people will be seeing phese waist high bike rackks all around the harbor. you'll remember last year things got out of alabama man was fatally stabbed...and a 4 yearrold was hit by a celebratory bullet shot intt the aarrtomorrow, you will see baltimore city police...maryland state police...and officers from the authority.they will all be -wo they have a new deployment strategy this year...whhree they will constantly move officers around to areas where they know the crowds will end up. "we didn't want to sse that for that innncent 4 year old kid, that's ridiculous, we wishhpeople were addlt and woold conduct themselves...but when thhy don't of course we're going to do our jobs" police say to keep better track of their resoorces....very officer will be tracked by gps...police say ttey will also have a deploymmnt fells point and federal in
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&pthe inner harboo, anice park &pfox45 news at 530. it's been open less thanone month.but the new caainoat arundel a huge hit. hii..evenue from the irstfour weeks at "maryland live" tottled more than 28--illion dollarssand mre than 13- million of that...goes directly to thestate's education trust fund. (kobin) "i've two daughters, poe's in middle school and one just going into high sshool in they're in the publii schhol syytem so i think anything we can give to our school systems ann out teachers and ppsh fooward to get them into college has my ote." vote."slots revenue from all three marrland casinostotaled more than 194-milliondollars innthe last year. government.... fox 45 will be hosting a town hall meeeing on ttxes in our studioo next thursday, july 12th.and you can watch it live on our websiie....just go to fox-baltimore-dot-com.
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baltimore city police are still on the scene of a shootingg n ast baltimooe. baltimore.homicide has now been happened near the intersection of preston and north spring street.police ffund the victim unresponsivv whhn word on any suspects. how are the roads looking tonig? tonight?carrie peirce has our traffic edge reportt report.mapfiber- 895 at potee stmdot- 695 at bellairmmppap
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eeen though jerry sandusky is behind baas... he's still but not for long if a pennsylvania lawmaker has his way with a new law. 3 taco bell giving out free food! reason behind the freebies! and how a 7-pound hot dog started as a bet bbtween a father and his children. 3 --addlib weather tz--
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♪ [ horn honks ] ♪ oh, those were the best of days ♪ ♪ i still feel the summer rays ♪ that graced our backs as we went down the lane ♪ [ horn honks ] [ male announcer ] when your car is more than just a car to you, the right insurance matters. are you getting the coverage options you need and the discounts you deserve? for an agent or quote, call 800-my-coverage or visit former penn state assistantt
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coach jerry andusky couldd soon lose his pension,,if one pennsylvania lawmaker gets his way.democratic state reprrsentative eugene depasquale is proposing a new would prevent public employees convicted of certain crimes against children from receiving pension bbnefits. depasquale says, right now,, sandusky is eliggble to continue receiving his state pension of nearly 59- something he is not happy bout. about. pi donnttthink there's anybody in thh free world that thinks jerry sandusky should be getting a pension." pension.""it would aaply to anyone, but he certainly would be the biggest target of this l" legislation..depasquale's to make the law retroactive o begin june'll remember, ssndusky was convicted oo junn 22-nd of going for the gold...without
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v-i--'s... gettinn a break in london... their own network of roads for easy access to the &pgetting painted on about thirty miles of restricted &planes.traffic in london... to get worse once the games begin on july twenty-seventh. residents in thh tiny for a cruel joke.last mmnth... someone posted fake flyers announcing a grand-opening of a taco bell chhin in the community of just 6-thousand people.but as it turns out.... that wasn't true.tte fast food chain found out about thee hoax... and decided to make their dreams come true... even if only for a taco bell airlifted 10-thousand free tacos to residents in the from tacos... to hot all began a few months agoo.. as a bet between jason stetz and his three children.they
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saw someone on television make them.after a couple of 3 weeks of experimenting... stetz mastered he grinding, seassning and takes two people to even carry where they comm out precooked.. ready to go in frozen slices or the full monty. "basically you just load up the stuffer. all of a sudden you know, you put something together and it works. (laughs)" (laughs)""they always say it's never a sale unless you have a peeing a lot of return cuutomee" customers!"stetz says finding a buu big eeough for theehot dog is the next obstaale. with the holidays here... authorities are reminding people to stay safe and be smart.part of that means protecting yourself.when yoo have ffiends over tooyour pome, it's importaat to remember that as the homeowner, you are responsible. personal injury attorney ádavid elliná
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for more information on this topic go to fox-baltimore-dot- commslash newslinks 3 11-17"it's big funn mmn, it's &pbig fun. it's a little hot, bbt big fun. we all just dig these big trucks. that's what it'ss ll about." about."you heard him.the new resort for swwmming in mud holes, riddng 4-wheelers and much more. 3 &p--adblib weather tz--
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war two will lve on now... underwater, s a reef in the coast of florida's sanibel's the first memorial reef dedicated to all u-s veterann.hidden on boord are
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artifacts... such as an 18th century rum bottle with a treasure map inside... plus a case of aged caribbean rum.the first divers to find them wwll swiiming is 3
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ppoer has
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breaks.. you can ccess the latest information right on your cell phone.
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app for your droid or i-phone. it includds headlines.. traffic.. and weathhr conditions.. all at your fingertipp. go to foxbaltimore dot com and look &pfor "mobile" at top riihthand porner of the screen. as the lossss pile up, the orioles reech inttothe minors yet again for pitching help.. bruce cunningham has full petails...nex in sports. 3
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until the wee hours...and chances are you didn't...the orioles' lide ccntinues ass they opened their 7 game west coost swing in seattle...they have lost 6 of their lastt7 and 10 of their last 12.. depressing numbers... wwen you considerrthis: they hammel....this chris davvs home rrn assall the offense they could muster.......ut they still had the lead, ttanks to hammel until here in the 7th when former towsonn
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star casper wells' ttree run double gave the mariners the 3 but help is on the way from norfolk...and he's a very familiar name...showaltee has confiimed that this guy, chris tillman, will make the tart for theebirds on wednesday..he has an 8-8 record and a 3.63 earned run average, but lately he'ssbeen stellar..over his last 3 starts tillman is 3-0 with a 1.06 era and 23 strikeouts to go wiih just eerly higglights from the coast and the rest of the night in ssorts comiiggup tooight at 10:50 and 1:30 on sports unlimitee
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--toss to vytas-- vytas-- 3 33 &p3 it sounds like a joke or the title to a ountry song... but if youulike to you'll love the redneck resoot - mud park in sweetwater tennesse. tennessee."4-wheeeer engine and tire noise" noise"the resort features mud
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pits for your off-road and even a hillbilly rr, - playground.but it's not just about the vehicless.. there is also a 240- foot slip án slide. 25-39"it's jjst ssmething a little bit different. really ain't maay places around here to do all ttis.""there's really o place to have a sociil gathering like this and have funnwith all those kind of vehicces. we know people around here ove to do that kind of thing so we wanted to provvde a venue for that to happen." the resort plans to be open just eiggt times a year, a weekend at a time. 3 that's all for foo45 news at 5:30."family feud" is next.ann we'll be back tonight for fox45
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